I met John in 2009 when getting ready to purchase a new road bike. What drew me to him was his vast knowledge and experience of cycling. After I purchased my bike, I had him do the fitting. Other than the "normal" adjustments of toughing up certain areas, I had no aches or pains and was amazed at how comfortable my rides were. In addition, John reviewed key points with me from nutrition, stretching, cycling techniques, etc., which helped me prepare for Seattle to Portland. The ride went great and I felt terrific after wards.

In 2010 I had a set-back with some health issues and couldn't do much riding. In 2011, my health improved significantly and I began training for the upcoming STP. At the beginning of my training, I noticed some discomfort on my bike and decided it was time to see John again. To my grave disappointment, John was no longer at the location where I last met with him (I hadn't seen him in over a year).

Not knowing what to do but knowing my bike probably needed a few tweaks here and there, I decided to have the "new guy" check us out (me and my bike). Red flag #1: Few questions asked to find out about my riding experience, style, schedule, interest, plans and goals, etc. Red flag #2: Mostly silence except when asked to pedal. There was no interest in me as a rider, as a person.

My visit to the "new guy" did not result in improved riding comfort. I needed to train but my riding pain was increasing. I was discouraged and unsure of what to do. The only person I really trusted was John but, earlier on, I was told there was no forwarding address or number for him. So, now what?!? Going to a new fitter meant starting all over again and that's something I hate doing!

One evening I began surfing the Internet to see if could find John. To my profound amazement, he popped up!! I immediately shot him an email to find out if he remembered me and still in the business of doing bike fittings. He most definitely did and was still doing fittings and gave me his new address. I made an appointment and saw him that week. John made several tweaks on my bike and, on my first ride, I was pain free! It's been wonderful to reconnect with him. He has amazing people skills and shows a true interest in each person's riding experience and success. Later than month we had him fit our two sons who were first time riders of the STP. And recently, my husband went in for a fitting after purchasing a new bike.

What we all value in John is his keen interest in each of us, our riding experience, our success. His number one goal is for us to ride pain free. We appreciate his integrity and honesty, his advice on riding techniques and training. He carefully guided us through our re-entry of riding and follow up to see how we were doing or if we had questions. He's been the lifeline to our cycling success, thus far. Now, if that isn't service, what is?

Thank you John!! We speak highly of you with friends and family as it relates to the importance of a good bike fitting.

Forever grateful for your friendship and services!