I want to thank you for your knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail during my bike fit. One important thing I want to mention, which made all the difference in the world, more...
I met John in 2009 when getting ready to purchase a new road bike. What drew me to him was his vast knowledge and more...

Why do you need open hips and neutral knees?

The simple answer is so you can ride with more power and comfort.

Most riders who complain of pain while on the bike suffer from poor position, problems such as the saddle too high or low, the saddle too far forward or too far back, an arbitrary amount of reach or drop determined by what looks cool or a blind stab at cleat position.

We will give you a bike setup which allows you unrestricted movement in both hips and knees throughout the cycling range of motion. Check here at www.wobblenaught.com for detailed information on the fit as well as accolades from customers world wide. W/N, long known as Wobblenaught, is the only bike fit that relies on critical, precise observation and measurement of the body and the bike. We don't use an arbitrary point of reference such as the bottom bracket or a perceived leg angle but instead use exhaustive research, over 10,000 beta tests and thousands of fits since then, for the ideal means of providing you open hips and neutral knees. You will gain power and comfort. With WN, two riders who are the same height with the same length leg most likely won't have the same fit. If one has a long femur while the other has a long tibia, saddle height and set back will differ for them and is but one example of the precision found by WN. The system works for all cycling disciplines: Check the current leaders in women's endurance mountain biking for example. We have added power to road, track, Time Trial, and tri athletes. See the sidebar for documented results from local riders.

We are located in P.A.C.E. at the corner of MLK and Wygant in N.E. Portland, contact us via email at: Johnbikefitter.com or phone at 503-422-1239.